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Friday, September 16, 2011

1st Birthday Photo Ideas

Your baby’s first birthday qualifies as one of the most important event in your life and in your child’s, such a milestone warrants a special photo shoot! These will be the pictures they will love looking at and will cherish when they get older. Here are some great 1st birthday photo ideas that will ensure  you to get the perfect pictures to treasure forever!
Dress up Shots:
Take pictures of your baby dressed up in cute outfits or cute costumes! Tutu’s a big thing for little girls right now, get your little one a first birthday onesie with a matching frilly tutu. For a boy, have him dress up like daddy or put him a little cute costume. Let your baby play dress up and have fun while take their photos!

Birthday Cake Shots:
The most coveted first birthday picture! Cut a slice of birthday cake or give your little one a birthday cupcake have them stuff their face with it. The more colorful the cake frosting, the better! Make sure to have your camera ready to snap those memorable photos! A great idea is to have a ‘Happy First Birthday” sign hanging in behind their chair as a back ground or tie up some First birthday balloons on their high chair. 
The Family Shots:
Get the whole family involved to celebrate the first year your little one has become part of their lives. Take some photos outdoors, at the park or at the beach with your baby holding hands with mommy & daddy or baby or together with their siblings. Make sure to take some photos with their grand parents too!
Creative Shots:
Get lots of bright colored balloons in red, blue, yellow that will create a nice contrast with green grass and blue skies, tie them up on a chair and take pictures of your little one outdoors. If you live close to a beach,  take some pictures of your baby on a surfboard. Look for the nearest "First Street" in your neighborhood and take a picture in front of the sign. Or get a huge box wrapped with a birthday themed wrapping paper, pop the birthday child inside along with some toys, balloons or noisemakers and try to catch some photos of your baby laughing and having fun!  Make sure to snap away because you never know when you'll catch that great shot!

Professional Photo Shoots:
If you don’t consider yourself to be an adequate photographer, hire a professional photographer to take pictures of your baby. Mall portrait studios are fine, they usually have experienced photographers, but please pick the ones that doesn’t use those cloud backgrounds and takes close up photos of your babies with their head slightly tilted to the left!  

Check out this gorgeous First Birthday photo shoot by my BFF and soon to be professional photographer in Southern Cali, Jaclyn Sison (Pix by Jx):

Images by Jaclyn Sison

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  1. I couldn't open the LINK on my phone...I miss you ate!!! Thank you for posting my pics!!! Love this blog!!! I be passing it around! I can't wait to take pics of u guys!!!! NEED MORE PRACTICE!